Week in Review: 11.6.15

I’m trying an off-shoot of the Skinny Bits format with “Week in Review” posts. I’ll sum up some highlights, some eye-rolls, dope reads and sounds, and words from the cosmos that resonated during the week.

Dope Shit
Woke up Monday morning to the Broncos vanquishing the mighty Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning throwing accurate long balls (Still no touchdowns, but one week at a time). Praying to the football gods he breaks Favre’s passing yardage record in the House That Peyton Built and dogwalks the Colts in the process.

The Daemon blessed me with a gem on Tuesday that people enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. When I sit down to write, I can always tell whether I’ve got “one.” I felt the glow two sentences into crafting “Escape.” Thank you to everyone who shared it (and special thanks to the homey who made a helpful edit suggestion).

In the aftermath of writing “Stop Trying?,” I had an epiphany. As a person who bristles at “goal-setting,” I direct my life by playing to archetypes that inspire me. This isn’t inherently “bad,” as long as I remember it’s okay to be my version of whatever I’m playing to; and I shouldn’t worry about falling short of a perfect depiction because perfection isn’t the point.

Ugh Shit
My football bae, Colin Kaepernick (#Baepernick), got benched on his birthday. Yikes. Hope he has an astrologer to remind him that as a Scorpio, he’s a phoenix built to rise from the ashes of death and stunt.

I tried Pilates this week. It was so awful I ended up scarfing down a bag of chips to cheer myself up. I’ve concluded fitness is overrated.

I didn’t work on my book this week. *ducks tomatoes*

Dope Reads
Ask Polly: Am I Too Smart for My Own Good?
“You need to join the realm of the regular, and forgive yourself for being regular, and then you’ll forgive other people for being regular, too.”

Justine Musk: the enemy of creativity is the culture of everyday life
“The unconscious speaks a dream language of images and gut feelings and ritual. Whatever revelations it has in store for you – and trust me, it has a few — it serves up only when you’re ready, and you are not the one who gets to decide when that is.”

2 Dope Boyz: The Misunderstanding of Kendrick Lamar and Microwave Journalism
“Another problem is how the Internet has created monsters out of moderately skilled writers. Many are social misfits who use this industry to rub shoulders with celebrities, who just so happen to also possess fragile egos and are in need of constant affirmation.”

Dope Sounds
“Solid” – Ty Dolla $ign featuring Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds
I’m not a fan of Ty I hate you kids and your awful music, but I can’t deny a Babyface feature and an acoustic guitar. 

Flirting with the Woo (Reads from the Cosmos) 

Avoid polarizing yourself, identifying solely with one end of the seesaw or the other (e.g. “I am a free spirit, I dance to the beat of a different drummer, and I WON’T sell out…” or “I am completely disgusted with the adolescent I am pretending to be—I am selling that drum and settling down…”) Acknowledge the value of both.
Transit Saturn conjunct Natal Uranus, from the Grupo Venus Astrology app for Android

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