Friday Night Ramblings

It’s Friday night. I’m in bed (where I’ve been since 6:00 PM), in my pajamas, binge-watching season five of Lost Girl on Netflix. My journal is open on my bed. I’ve been sporadically scribbling thoughts about the recent Scorpio Full Moon and restlessness and the need to stop judging myself.

I’m indoors because I’m saving money for a vacation in two weeks. I’m heading back to New Orleans (also known as my favorite place on Earth). Saving my money for hand grenades and crawfish and strippers so my debit cards and I are safer indoors. Thankfully, season five of Lost Girl is full of Greek mythology themes and scandal (Bo knocking off Dyson’s son. Dyson having a son. An uptick in felatio.). Here’s the show’s Wiki because this isn’t a post about Lost Girl. If youŕe looking for trashy, True Blood-style fun, I recommend it.

I´ve read some amazing journalism in the last two days. Ramona Shellburne’s Kobe Bryant piece, Wright Thompson’s Tiger Woods piece and the plethora of Prince articles published in the last twenty-four hours. I miss the days when the world around me–conversations I heard, music I enjoyed, games I watched–inspired and compelled me to write. These days, my muse is a sporadic little fairy who expresses herself in glorified journal entries. Which is fine, until one tires of writing about herself and wishes she still had the muscle to write about the world outside her head.

Speaking of writerly things, I took the “What’s Your Storytelling Superpower?” quiz on The result was interesting.

Result: The Survivor

You’ve got a penchant for characters who will do whatever it takes to survive. Maybe they’re stranded on a desert island, captured by an evil genius, or fighting to beat a terminal illness. Or maybe they want something so desperately that not getting it feels like a matter of life and death. Regardless of their situation, you’re drawn to creating characters your readers will admire for their pluck, determination, and sheer creative willpower.

This was one of the more pointless posts I’ve ever written. But, that’s the point of rambling, right?

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