The Anti-Lifestyle Blog

As you can see, I am over “lifestyle blogs” as a staff, a record label, and a muthafuckin’ crew.

Fuck lists of How to be More. More productive. More mindful. More disciplined. More carefree. More frugal. More fit. More authentic. More environmentally-friendly. More well-traveled.

Fuck curated photos featuring  Macbooks, muffins, white duvets and coffee cups strategically placed in an Instagram-sized square.

I present the Anti-Lifestyle Blog. For people just trying to get through the fucking day.

Posts include:

  • Be Selfish & Live Longer
  • Get Off Travel Blogs! Enjoying Your Vacation to Atlanta, Miami and Other “Basic” Locations
  • Your Real Life is Better Than Staged #Goals Photos
  • Some Days Will Just Suck (aka You’re Not a Bad Person for Letting a Shit Day, Week, Month, or Year Get the Best of You)
  • Real Guhls Have Toothpaste on Their Mirrors
  • Get Up and Get on With It (Because the day will start whether or not you have a morning routine)

I ‘ll leave you with the following nugget from Yann Girard on Medium:

None of the things I say, write or do will help you to grow as a person.
The only thing that will help you to grow as a person is to go out there and experience things. To live your own life. © Yann Girard, “Let’s stop this personal growth porn.” 

Join me. Raise your middle fingers to the Internet’s Perfectly Curated Cool Kids.

(If you have ideas for Anti-Lifestyle Blog posts, drop them in the comments!)


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