#SkinnyBlackJams: Fabolous – Songs for the B*tches*

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My friend G and I have a recurring conversation about Fabolous. It usually goes like this:

G: I have no idea why anyone still listens to Fabolous.

Me: Because he’s undefeated when it comes to making songs for the bitches.*

When another homeboy told me he had issues expressing his feelings with women because he “didn’t wanna be out here like Drake.” I replied, “There are levels. You don’t have to be a Drake. You can at least be Fab.”

Since he stepped on the national scene in 2001 with his guest verse on Lil’ Mo’s “Superwoman Part Two,” Fab’s bars for the ladies have been a major key to his longevity. He’s perfected the art of cute and clever rhymes, appealing to both lyric-loving ladies and girls who just wanna have fun. He’ll trick because you’re worth it. He’ll pop his trunk in the name of your safety. He’ll sex you right. And he’s never shy about telling his lady how fly she is. What more could a girl want from her imaginary rapper boyfriend?

He’s a staple on my #RNLS (Real Nigga Love Songs) playlist, but Fab’s overdue for a playlist all his own. And, yes. It’s called Fabolous – Songs for the B*tches.

As I compiled the list, adding hits like “Make Me Better” and “So Into You,” I noticed many of my favorites were missing from my streaming sites of choice (Spotify and Google Play). To correct this travesty, I’m using this post to show love to some standout features, remixes, and mixtape tracks not available for streaming.

“Throw It in the Bag (Remix)” featuring Drake & The Dream
Had to start here. The flip of The Dream’s “Fancy” is too classic.

“For the Money” featuring Nicki Minaj
Nicki threatens to put her pussy on Fab’s chipped tooth. Fab says he bent Barbie over and ain’t seen Ken since. It’s a fun time over Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” beat.

“Pretty Girls (Remix)” Wale featuring Fabolous and Chris Brown
When two Songs for the B*tches specialists linked up with Breezy (when we had hope for his redemption) and gave us some fire.

“Thim Slick” featuring Jeremih
“Sometimes I like slim. Sometimes, I like thick. Sometimes, I combine and I like thim slick.” Selected for obvious reasons.

“Diced Pineapples” featuring Trey Songz and Cassie
Totally forgot this was originally a Rick Ross song.

Honorable Mention: “I Really Wanna Know You” featuring Jagged Edge and Fabolous
This one can be found on streaming sites. It’s mentioned because OH MY GOD, JAGGED EDGE REMADE “COME AND TALK TO ME” AND I DIDN’T KNOW THIS EXISTED UNTIL TODAY. (Fab’s verse isn’t bad, either.)

Get in on some of this female appreciation and follow #skinnyblackjams: Fabolous – Songs for the B*tches on Spotify.

[*] Just imagine “b*tches” says “ladies” if you’re the kinda bitch gal that doesn’t jive with “b*tches.”

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