Skinny Bits: And the Living is Easy

Here’s a picture of me in a two-piece. Because, summer.


The Sports Gods knew I felt “meh” about the NBA Finals and sent naked Dwyane Wade on ESPN: The Magazine’s Body Issue. Don’t tell me I don’t serve an awesome God.*

There’s much-to-do in my hometown this week. There’s dancing in the streets. Generous benefactors are buying rounds for pretty girls at bars. The sun shines a wee bit brighter. I tried to tell you all in 2008: Cleveland Rocks. The rest of the world finally caught up.

Out of nowhere, my S/O is the biggest JR Smith fan I know. No clue what that’s about, but if he’s spending the summer shirtless to pay tribute to his new fav, I have no complaints.

While I’m happy for the city as a whole, here’s a picture of me in a one-piece, depicting my sentiments about the championship team.


Hell yeah, I’m stuntin’. But you love it, though.

Speaking of Hov, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Reasonable Doubt. (Do I have to explain this was his debut album or is everyone here old enough to know that?) When your favorite album of all-time is 20 years-old, you’re officially an old head. I’ll celebrate #RD20 in record stores tomorrow, hunting down a vinyl copy. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Game of Thrones, “Battle of the Bastards.” I gave a standing ovation when the Stark flag fell over Winterfell. Best hour of television I’ve watched all year.

Great Britain on June 24, 2016. Peak irony. I’m talking “breaking the fourth wall to stare into the camera” irony.

Recently came across the saddest line I’ve ever written:

When someone decides they don’t want you, your reflection becomes a summary of the reasons why.

The bitterness of that pain still lingers on my tongue sometimes.

From my favorite astrology blog’s post, “North Node in Gemini: The Curious Soul”:

…you must shift your perspective by realizing that the only way you’ll get lucky is by being logical and observant about your situation. In many ways, you need to be like that 6-year-old who won’t stop asking questions. In this lifetime, with a Gemini North Node, you can’t assume anything. Always seek out the facts. This will not only help you see things more clearly but will straighten out the various forms of miscommunication you struggle with. The truth, for you, can no longer be about opinion. It must be about logic.

Presented for the next time someone tells me to stop “trying to be so logical.” Logic is my soul’s path. Or something.

Happy Friday, everyone.

[*] I know, I don’t exactly serve a god BUT I DON’T NEED THAT NOW.

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