Because, New Ink

Saturday, I got my third tattoo (or fourth if I count the set on my feet individually). I could be writerly and use the tattoo as a story prompt about growth and self-acceptance, but I’m not in the mood.

I will, however, show off the new ink like it’s my newborn baby and provide the rationale behind it.


It represents two astrological symbols:

Libra = ♎
Scorpio = ♏

I was born under a Libra Sun with a Scorpio Moon. Libra Suns are known for charm, diplomacy, and (attempted) objectivity–qualities I embody fairly easily. Having a Scorpio Moon lends my Libra traits some depth and gravitas. I’m not your people-pleasing, indecisive Libra girl. Beneath the surface, I’m emotionally intense with a desirous nature that most people will never see. I don’t deny my turbulent emotional life, but prefer to work through my feelings alone. This is why I write—to channel and focus my feelings in an organized, productive way.

My favorite factoid about Libra and Scorpio: they are androgynous signs. Libra represents the masculine (extroverted, rational) expression of the feminine planet, Venus; Scorpio represents the feminine (introverted, emotional) expression of the masculine planet, Mars. What’s all this mean? It’s best described by Wayman Stewart in his post, “Libra, Scorpio, and Androgyny“:

“Libra-influenced women can be quite a different story, though. They can usually come off as perfectly charming and dainty little ladies. With Libra, the more feminine energy is what is most obvious, as Venus rules it, on the surface. Therefore, Libra females tend to fit more easily into society’s feminine ideal. However, they will be the types that lead much more with their head than their hearts. They are highly objective women, valuing grace and reason over uncontrolled emotion.

[…] While Libra is feminine on the outside but driven by a masculine energy, Scorpio is the opposite. Mars makes Scorpio-influenced individuals more masculine on the outside, but motivated by feminine concerns. They care a lot about their emotions, yet they will do their best to preserve them. Scorpio is way more sensitive than people know, as the unshakable strength they exude often hides or obscures their depths of feeling. It can be very tough for them to let others see them cry, even if they do quite often. Scorpio females are most apt to defy society’s expectations of females. They will be strong, efficient, and resourceful, with an active need to find and own their power in life. As deeply emotional as she is, she will never be a helpless damsel in distress and will actually use those feelings to focus and drive her.”

This tattoo echoes the sentiments behind the “grit” and “grace” tattoos on my feet; the juxtaposition and integration of masculine and feminine; aggressive and suggestive; darkness and light. Why above my ankle? Felt like a cute, dainty place to put some badass ink.

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