On Joining Facebook (Again)

I’ve rejoined Facebook for the second time in three years. (Feel free to insert indecisive Libra trope here.)

I didn’t enjoy Facebook as a personal experience. My single, childless life does not lend itself to popular Facebook sharing (i.e. family and baecation photos). Nor do I want to passively consume the thoughts and lives of high school and college classmates with whom I’ve lost contact. I’m intentional about who I keep up with and do so offline or on one of the many other social media apps I use.

That’s my personal experience. Then there’s this blog.

As much as I want to be the Auntie Who’s Too Cool for Facebook, I’ve got readers who aren’t Twitter people or Instagram people. I’ve got friends who want to be more aware and supportive of what I do here. I want to be as accessible to them as I am to the strangers I kick it with on a daily in my Twitter mentions. So I swallowed my pride and am back on Facebook.

I won’t add friends to my personal page, nor will I post from it. I’ll make the SBG Facebook page its own experience, instead of mimicking Twitter and Instagram posts for a Facebook audience. I also promise to reply to all non-offensive comments, even if it’s just to say “Thanks.”

Maybe I’ll find space for a Cool Auntie Table in the Facebook universe. A place to talk about the shows I’m obsessed with, the books I read, dope quotes and articles that resonate with me, what music I’m feeling at the moment. You know–the bits of life that happen between blog posts.

In the meantime, do ya girl a favor and hit that “like” button. Hopefully, I’ll see you in the land of family vacation pictures and anecdotal soliloquies. @SkinnyBlackGirlBlog

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