1. Willow

    I’d like read more about the women who prefer solitude to companionship. I really appreciate your perspective; from where I sit, it is quite rare. I’m still learning to navigate my path amidst societal expectation. Are you on goodreads? Are there any books you’d recommend?

    • Thanks for reading/commenting! I’m glad this resonated with you.

      I barely use my GoodReads, but here are some of my recent reads about non-traditional, single and/or childless women:
      Spinster – Kate Bolick (I’m reading this now. Pretty good so far)
      Shallow, Selfish & Self-Absorbed – Megan Daum
      The Art of Sleeping Alone – Sophie Fontanel
      Seductress – Betsy Prioleau

      I also recommend the blogger Justine Musk. http://www.justinemusk.com.

      • Willow

        Thank you so much for your response and recommendations! Your words certainly do resonate with me. A lot of what you write about feels like validation to my inner monologue. I look forward to reading more.

        Thanks, again!

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