#NaBloPoMo? Why Not?

Tomorrow kicks off National Blog Posting Month (as organized by the good folks at BlogHer). Guess who’s participating?

Hold up. I agreed to do what?

Blog. Every day. In November.

Because #ThisIs33 and I’m ready to commit. (To developing a real writing practice. The hell else would I be committing to?)

Because this space has been pretty stale since the book dropped and the Mean Writing Teacher in my head wants me to write something more than self-congratulatory drivel.

Because publishing every day will help me push through my inner critic’s resistance to go there.

Because needing writing material will improve my awareness of the world around me.

Because I ain’t gettin’ none and have way too much energy to burn.

Because c’mon, guys. It’ll be fun.

[Shout out to all the writers participating in #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo. May the odds be ever in your favor.]

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