#NaBloPoMo: Skinny Bits – Sore Loser Social Media Detox

I’m not well-adjusted enough to be on the Internet the day after my team lost the World Series.

#NaBloPoMo doesn’t care about my Sore Loser Social Media Detox, so here I am. But I’m not in the mood to be all writerly (as in the two previous posts), so today’s entry will be Skinny Bits (a.k.a. rambling strung together for a blog post).

While bitterness is the root of this exodus I enjoy a forced break from my compulsive phone usage. I occasionally need to wring out my brain.

*puffs joint* Is putting your phone down for a few days a retreat? *exhales* Or a re-entry into the living breathing world in front of you? *passes joint* [1]

I spent last night binge watching Supergirl. The Superman franchise is uber corny (I often say he looks like he cries when he climaxes), but surprisingly, I don’t mind the cornball quotient on Supergirl. Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen helps. Calista Flockhart steals the show as Miranda Priestly Lite media mogul Cat Grant. If you’re looking for escapism while your team blows a 3-1 lead in the World Series, I highly recommend it.

How many times have I watched the Beyonce / Dixie Chicks CMA performance? Lots. First of all, “Daddy Lessons” is one of my favorite Lemonade tracks. Second? The instruments. Oh my God, the instruments. That NOLA brass with the Dixie Chicks guitars and strings? I’d have contributed a blood sacrifice to sit in the rehearsals.

While perusing Medium the other day, I came across a post called “Get the F*#k Over It.” Y’all know I hate self-help blogs, but this was right up my alley:

There is no such thing as being ‘healed’ or ‘unhealed.’ The latter is an illusion, and we know this because the only difference between the two is what you think is true.

If you believe that your purpose in life is evolution and expansion, there is no back-and-forth, there is only forward. Reliving the same problem over and over again doesn’t mean you’re being ‘tested,’ it doesn’t mean you haven’t learned enough, it means you haven’t chosen otherwise. You’re focused on the ruins, not building a new empire.

No matter how dysfunctional you may feel, your life is ahead of you. You gonna obsess over fixing it or you gonna live it?

[1] Just kidding, guys. I don’t do drugs.

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