#NaBloPoMo: The Opposite of Peace

[Author’s note: My goal with #NaBloPoMo is to re-ignite my creativity and push past my inner critic. When my Muse enters dark terrain, I want to follow Her without fear of how people will react to it. The following was inspired by three glasses of wine and Beyonce’s Lemonade album.]

Ain’t nobody ever proved their love when things are all good
and two people are smiling
Love is found way down in the trenches
When he’s throwing a fit
and she’s sitting there cryin’ – Toni Braxton, “Trippin‘” 

I’m not a romantic. I’m not always sure I believe in love. You know what I do believe in?

Work. Resilience.

Maybe it’s my Scorpio Moon or Virgo Venus. I’m uninterested in fairy tales and tidy moments shared on Facebook. I’m fascinated by the rainy days. How and why two people decide to cling to each other in spite of the storms raging around them.

How did you survive that full calendar year where you just didn’t like each other?

That’s where the beauty is. Not the wedding pictures and Hashtag Black Love.

Choosing each other when leaving is the easier choice.

True love breathed salvation back into me
With every tear came redemption
And my torturer became my remedy – Beyonce, “All Night Long.”

I love neatness and quiet. I don’t trust neat and quiet love.

Love is the opposite of peace.

I’ve been called dysfunctional before.


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  3. Ah yes! Love is not the picture perfect moments people curate for social media. It’s in the tears and the rage, the snot and the snorting, the fighting and the making up and reconciling. Love is anything but peaceful – although there are moments of peace in there too!

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