#NaBloPoMo: The Quiet

The morning after my 33rd birthday (if you’re new here, it was October 9th. I celebrated by releasing my first book) I wrote the following in my notebook:

I will trust my own mind. I will tend to it, nurture it, and protect it. My mind is a resource–the basis of my creativity, the birthplace of life. I will not berate my mid. I will not accuse it of being “too much.” I will wield it like the mighty sword it is. I will love it. I will rest it. I ask God to help me use my mind for its highest good; to allow me to trust my perceptions and use my thoughts to improve the fabric of my life and the world around me. To help me keep my own counsel and have faith in what I find. Amen.

Keeping this vow has been easier the last few days.

I never realize how many outside voices occupy my head until I put my phone down for a day or two. I like to imagine I’m stubborn and therefore impervious to external influence but that’s a lie. Even my natal chart tells the story of a malleable mind and compulsive thinking. Not always the best combination for a woman who considers her mind a valuable resource.

I also realize how much life I lose when I’m too concerned with capturing and explaining. How much all that documentation disrupts being.

I’m not saying I’ll never return to my main social media vices. But I’ll take my sweet time doing so.


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