#NaBloPoMo: Present

It is Day Seven. I’m tired of talking about myself.

Which isn’t so bad since I sometimes worry that I’m a narcissist.

Not a narcissist: Yay! 

Running out of shit to write about: Boooooo! 

I checked BlogHer for today’s prompt, hoping it’d pry me out of my rut.

Nov. 7: What was your worst Thanksgiving food fail?

One of my #LifeGoals is to never spend more than 10 minutes in a kitchen on Thanksgiving. I bring the wine. I buy a duck for my mother to roast. I sit on the couch and watch football until it’s time to eat.

I have a Thanksgiving Eve story from a few years back. It involves eating too much of a certain pastry and staring down the devil in the restroom of a Mexican restaurant while I splashed water on my face. The Statute of Limitations is still in effect on that one. Just know I made it home in one piece (with my mother’s duck in tow) and I don’t eat pastries with that friend anymore.

Let’s call today a wash. I’ve checked into Homeroom, marked myself “present,” and am leaving for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow will be better.

If you have questions for me or topics you want me to write about, feel free to drop it in the comments. Otherwise, it’s gonna get real dull around here for the next 23 days.

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