#NoBloPoMo: Who Among You

What the fuck do you even say?

I didn’t have the energy to write yesterday.

Today isn’t much different.

Driving down the street. Walking the halls at my job. Standing in line at Chipotle. Filling up at the gas station. Passing strangers. One thought haunts me:

“Who among you did this?”

No matter how well-meaning, no matter what “spooked” you about “Her,” in the end you elected a man who is at worst a racist, at best an enthusiastic instigator of racist behavior (also: racist).

Yesterday, I walked by a Confederate flag waving proudly from a car. In Northeast Ohio. A Union state.

I didn’t have the luxury of being concerned about an email server.

I no longer have the luxury of interacting with “well-meaning” White Americans again without wondering:

“Who among you did this?”


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  2. I’m white and live in Texas. I’m surrounded by people who did this and it’s terrifying. I’m terrified being a woman and I’m terrified of the racist, xenophobic behavior that my kids are going to witness. I’m also terrified for all of my minority friends.

    Its day 2 of feeling like the world is crashing down and I don’t see an end in sight for these feelings.

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