#NaBloPoMo: We Did It!

It’s the last day of #NaBloPoMo!

I didn’t succeed at posting everyday (I logged 19 of 30 posts), but I didn’t quit. Even after America lost its fucking mind and elected a loud, know-nothing, racist, sexist xenophobe as its next President. While I didn’t accomplish the primary goal, I walk away from this challenge with the following accomplishments:

  • Snapped my post-book blogging slump.
  • Engaged directly with blogs via comments instead of just sharing posts on Twitter.
  • Flipped the bird to my inner critic and wrote what was on my heart–even if it was dark, repetitive, or contradictory.
  • Worked through lingering personal issues (my last break-up, confusion about the role of romantic liaisons in my life). My ex even read the post about him and–shockingly–was open to my perspective.
  • Reconnected with the memory of my grandmother. We didn’t have a great relationship when she was alive. Writing about her reminded me of tender moments.
  • Increased blog views. Did you know when you post consistently, people visit your blog? Who knew?!
  • Wrote some shit I REALLY liked. (Greatest Hits listed below)

Thanks and congratulations to all the #NaBloPoMo participants. If you’ve seen enough this month to stick with me going forward, welcome to the party!  (Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments).

#NaBloPoMo Greatest Hits


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