A Story About Astrology & Family

Gather round, children. Before we close out 2016, I got a story to tell.

I didn’t know my father. I met him twice before he died of lung cancer in 2011.

Any information I have about him is secondhand. I can tell you for a fact that he loved women (evidenced by his two marriages, countless mistresses, and four children with different mothers), and that he was 6’3” and lanky with dark skin, soft curly hair and a long, hooked nose. Shortly after his death, I learned that he wrote in his spare time. According to my mother, he had shelves of unpublished manuscripts.

Naturally, this blew my mind. I always wondered where my affinity for writing came from. I inherited many things from my mother (her face, charisma, and spunk most notably), but she’s math and science-oriented. Discovering my father was a writer changed the way I remembered him. We had a connection, even if we didn’t have a relationship. In 2012, when I decided to write under a pen name, I used his middle name (the “Louis” in “Robyn Louis”) as an homage.

Fast forward a few years.

As many of you know, I’m into Astrology. I don’t write about it as I’m not an authority and admittedly, am worried about alienating readers, but after writing, it’s my favorite hobby. Lately, I’ve been studying astrology within the context of family dynamics. I’m researching natal charts (mine, my mother’s, grandmother’s, and father’s) for patterns and similarities. My mother and grandmother show up pretty heavily in my chart, which isn’t surprising. We all lived under one roof for most of my life.

Today, I examined my father’s chart. I don’t find immediate similarities, which is odd. With a Leo Ascendant, the Sun rules my natal chart. In many circles of thought, the Sun represents not only the identity but the influence of the father. Those with Leo Ascendants are said to have heavy paternal influences, so I was disappointed when I didn’t see any familiar aspect patterns or placements.

I looked closer and noticed my father’s Jupiter. Jupiter describes how we attract luck and broaden our horizons. Writing and publishing are also in Jupiter’s realm. My father’s Jupiter is at 17 degrees Libra. My Sun is at 15 degrees Libra. My identity (Sun) is directly influenced by my father’s Jupiter (which among many things, rules publishing).

So this year. On my birthday (when the Sun returns to its natal position), with Jupiter in Libra, I PUBLISHED MY FIRST BOOK. UNDER MY FATHER’S NAME.


The Father I Never Knew is literally my publishing identity.

I’ll be damned.

I know this sounds like woo-woo nonsense to many of you. But holy fuck. Talk about a coincidence.

Because I published my book in October. I learned my father’s Jupiter is conjunct my Sun at about 10:30 this morning.

So again.


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