Skinny Bits: Darkness & Light

I beasted Fantasy Football this year. Played in two leagues, advanced to the championship round in both, and won my money league.

Most of the winnings will pay the speeding ticket I got on Monday. Still. I’m a champ.

Said speeding ticket is the result of being raptured by John Legend’s “Darkness and Light,” oblivious to driving 81 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour zone.

At some point, I need to have sex to that song.

Since Peyton Manning retired, Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat, and the Indians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series, I struggle giving a fuck about live sports.

My Google Trips history for the last three years includes: D.C., Atlanta, and New Orleans. This year, I’d like to go somewhere I’ve never been.

Presented without comment re: women with Moon in Scorpio:

…many of them are still so angry at the lack of real nurturing in their childhoods that they deeply resent having to take care of others.

They nurture best as healers or counselors, having an intuitive grasp of what people need to get free of pain and sorrow, and not being afraid to confront painful or taboo subjects.” – Donna Cunningham, Moon Signs: The Key to Your Inner Life

Another note for astrology enthusiasts: Turning of the Wheel Podcast with Chris Flisher is flames.

Words I’ll leave in 2016: like, actually, basically, just, literally, really, and very.

Related: If you spot more than three adverbs in a post, rap my knuckles via the comment section. Help me make Elmore Leonard proud.

One night, I opened Google Play Music after closing Instagram. Google suggested a playlist called “Looking at Pictures of Your Ex.” Won’t say that’s what I was doing on Instagram. But I haven’t checked his page since.

About that “#SkinnyBlackJams: Albums of 2016” post…probably won’t happen.

This week, the gap between my offline life and Skinny Black Girl is filled with a tragedy I can’t discuss. The lesson: “It’s not okay” and “Life goes on” are not mutually exclusive.

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  1. Bre

    when i see myself typing “just” in a work email i have to force myself to remove it. it’s harder when speaking (obviously, that’s why i write) but i do notice when i say it and try to correct. either way, yay for the dark and the light and be safe out there. #fedswatching

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