#SkinnyBlackJams: When New Edition Were the Avengers

Saturday night into Sunday morning, Twitter earned its place in my life (for once) with an R&B conversation for the ages. Ranking groups, gut-wrenching break-up anthems overrated/underrated artists–they covered all terrains.

The conversation inspired me to spend time with my favorite male R&B groups Sunday morning, starting with Jagged Edge (of course) and venturing into New Edition. Which led me to their 1996 album Home Again (the only NE album featuring all six members) and this video.

This. Video. Is. Amazing.

Imagine if the Avengers were five black singing dudes from Boston (one from D.C.) in tailored black suits who danced and rapped between fight scenes. Much to love here. Sober(ish) Bobby Brown with red hair, Ralph Tresvant’s immaculate waves, smart watches before smart watches were a thing, the guys doing science-y things in a lab, fancy cars, and black men doing the slow, sexy black man walk in underground tunnels.

For the next 48 hours, I’m calling “Hit Me Off” the best R&B video of all time for the following reasons:

  • 1:33 – Bobby Brown defeats an insane, windshield-licking villainess with windshield wipers.
  • 2:06 – Johnny Gill issues a fade with a rake and a trash can lid. Doesn’t break a sweat.
  • 2:19 – Ralph “Mr. Sensitivity” Tresvant is a ninja. A FALSETTO-SINGING NINJA IN A SUIT.
  • 2:37 – Mike Bivins outruns a helicopter. On a bike.
  • 2:50 – Ronnie DaVoe. That’s all.
  • 3:21 – Suit-clad New Edition does the slow, sexy black man walk away from an explosion.

Here’s hoping New Edition’s espionage services are available in the next few years. Someone has to stop #TheyMans in Chief from kicking off World War 3.

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