#SkinnyBlackJams: January Round-Up

Checking in as a freaked out American citizen, watching #TheyMans (aka the reality TV star elected by the Electoral College) turn the world upside down. I’m staying informed. I’m donating to the local chapters of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. I’m paying attention to local politics for plans and action to affect change.

I’m also scared as hell.

So dope music has become a form of “self-care.” (I hate that term, by the way.)  Here’s what been in rotation this month.

Still in Rotation

4 Your Eyez Only – J. Cole: Because the album is a story, I have to listen in its entirety every time. Despite no powerhouse single, 4 Your Eyez Only may be his best-crafted album. It’s cohesive and concise, with an ending so poignant, l get weepy listening to it.

Darkness & Light – John Legend: I’m still fantasizing about having intense, ill-advised sex to the title track.

All Things New Jack Swing: I’m on a New Edition kick lately (as is the rest of the world) and swapped out Bruno Mars for the Originators. Namely, N.E. Heartbreak and Home Again.

New to the Rotation

When Morning Comes – Lorine Chia & Romero Mosley: I have to put on my Cleveland fitted to discuss this EP because I know the producer. [Hi, Ro!] But bias aside, When Morning Comes is mellow groove R&B at its finest. It sets the mood for my “I’ve had a shit day; where are the wine and candles?” nights. The breakout track, “Intergalactic Love,” is audio perfection.

Return of the Cool – Nick Grant: Holy shit, guys. A rapper under 30 who cares about rapping. Grant effortlessly balances a serious pen game with fun music. (Hashtag Find You a Rapper Who Can Do Both). He charms the ladies (“All of You“), makes you dance (“Get Up“), and just…raps. (“Luxury Vintage Rap“).

So that’s my musical round-up for January. See you all next month.


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