#SkinnyBlackJams: Love Songs

Happy Day Before All the Chocolate Goes on Sale Day.

I know, I know. I’m not the biggest proponent of romance. And to be honest, the day is of little consequence to me.


This is the day I enjoy one of my favorite playlists. I call it #RNLS. aka Real Nigga Love Songs. What’s sweeter than your favorite rappers trading their ice grills and death threats for charismatic grins and slick talk for the ladies?

The list features some predictable hits like Meth & Mary’s “I’ll Be There for You,” Outkast’s “International Player’s Anthem,” and JAY Z’s “Excuse Me, Miss.” Peppered with some Ja Rule and Ashanti because screw you, that was the soundtrack for my young love. A few other tracks worth mentioning:

Satisfy You – Diddy featuring R. Kelly: If Kellz is hashtag problematic for you, feel free to skip this one. But this flip of The Luniz “I Got 5 on It” with the R’s smooth ass hook gets the thumbs up.

85 – Youngbloodz featuring Jim Crow & Big Boi: “Ridin’ dirty on 85. Slow, takin’ it easy. I don’t want nothin’ to keep me from you…” Nothing says real love like cautiously driving on a suspended license to see your lady.

Hey Luv (Anything) – Mobb Deep featuring 112: All’s fair in love and war. Including the slick dirty mack on a woman whose man is mistreating her. With the help of 112, Prodigy and Havoc layer their sinister sound with a hint of sensuality. It just works.

Rather Be Ya N_____ – 2Pac: I’m a fan of sex and hard surfaces so Pac’s promises of “makin’ love all day against the wall in the hallway” are music to my ears.

Break Ups 2 Make Ups – Method Man: Meth and D’Angelo make a tale about a bitter ex-girlfriend sound sexy as hell.

For more #RNLS to get you in the mood for love (of the not-corny variety), check out #skinnyblackjams: RNLS on Spotify.

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