Skinny Bits: Errbody Mad

Everybody is mad, every day. It’s exhausting. There’s a lot to be mad about (Ya Mans in the White House, for instance), but I can’t do the unceasing loop of “awful-awful-stupid-ridiculous-problematic-awful-stupid-stupid…” all damned day. I just…

I need a breather. Perhaps this will bring me back to blogging regularly. And all my friends can kick it in the comments like we used to in 2007. (Good time to subscribe to the blog and like my Facebook page if Facebook is your thing).

Speaking of Internet Outrage, the homey G had a smart, reasonable take on reactions to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I started my second book last week. Before I turned 33, I had zero books published. Half through 33, I’m already working on my second. 33 is the most prolific writing year of my life. (You can’t tell by this blog, I know. But I don’t need that now.)

The next book is a fiction project. A handful of friends and a fellow author loved the sample of my first chapter, so I’m headed in the right direction. No timeline for release. I want the characters and story to breathe and unfold without pressure.

During my New Edition binge-listening, I discovered a Ralph Tresvant song about a threesome in the studio. And y’all thought he was just soft and sensitive.

My 50-year-old brother tried to have a text debate about Jay-Z vs. Nas at 6:54 A.M. on a weekday. I pray I’m never that old head. (If you’re reading, I love you, Bro!)

A brief exchange re: Tony Romo’s retirement:

MALE BFF: Tony Romo was the Memphis Bleek QB. 1 hit away…
ME: On any other team, might have been a star but the legacy/shadow of his squad made him an underachiever.

Get us an ESPN show, A.S.A.P.

Remember a couple of months ago when I got on that self-improvement kick? You know that shit didn’t last, right?

Slowly accepting that Ohio may not be conducive to my fantasies of Fabulous Single Auntie living. Despite my disdain for larger cities, I can see myself relocating between 36 and 40. Let the relocation research begin!

Recently discovered the sounds of The Peace & Body Roll Duo Boomscat (which is the best band name I’ve ever seen). They remind me of Floetry, minus the -oetry.

Two weeks ago, I came home on a Saturday night to find Mama SBG smoking a joint and blasting Pink Floyd. You can live your best life at any age, folks.

“I can make it good for you, cuz I’m good for it. Tell me you can crawl, I’ll make you beg for it…”

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