The Mondays

I’ve got a huge zit, despite the fact that I don’t *get* zits.

Left home without brushing my teeth. A drug store run and five minutes in the bathroom at work solved this problem, but still. (I’m pretty sure my zit obsession is responsible for neglecting my teeth).

Couldn’t find the Cinnamon Brown Sugar-flavored Belvita Breakfast Biscuits this morning. Starving.

The coffee at the office is trash. Scraped my K-cup collection to find a pod of Italian Roast Decaf. Why the fuck do people make decaffeinated coffee? Furthermore, it doesn’t taste good.

Can’t catch the right musical vibe this morning. Even my trusty “When all else fails, Hov” playlists aren’t getting it done.

So I haven’t settled into my workday.

Not to mention I don’t want to start any of the items on today’s to do list.

So I blogged about it.

Gonna pull my shit together and start over now.

Thanks for listening.

*Update: after I published this post, my bra strap popped as I walked the halls of my workplace.

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