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My Easter weekend went as follows:

Saturday: Spent the afternoon in downtown Cleveland on a gorgeous sports-filled day. Between playoff basketball and the Indians game, downtown was electric. Perfect opportunity to soak up some sun, day drink, and people watch. After a quick stop home to disco nap and get cute, I hit the streets in black heels and a little black dress to hear one of my favorite DJs spin classic R&B tunes. It felt like those summers from my 20s all over again.

Sunday: Woke up feeling like I’d been punched in the chest. Rested all day through said chest pain. Read one too many articles about heart attacks and went to the E.R. at midnight. Two hours, an EKG, chest X-ray, and a $200 bill later, I went home with no diagnosis and a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills.

I’m still partying like it’s 2009 this summer. What’s the point of being childless, single, and this fine in my 30s if I’m just going to sit in the house? I need road trips and rooftops and dresses that show off my legs. (Side note: I looked impossibly tall on Saturday.)

(I’ll also pay better attention to my food and alcohol portions. I didn’t have a heart attack but the fear inspired me to practice mindful eating.)

Remember my Francophile kick a few years ago? When I read all those books about the mythical French woman who does everything better than her American counterpart (style, eat, date, live)? Recently finished Debra Ollivier’s Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl. Highlighted the following:

She is focused on living her own full life, following her own agenda and cultivating her actual self, rather than reinventing herself or pining away to be someone she’s not. Throughout her life, she invests herself in learning and experiencing, not to change who she is, but to become more fundamentally and more fully who she is.

That’s a nice way to live.

Can we discuss Mack Wilds’s AfterHours? Specifically “Bonnie & Clyde” and his brilliant re-interpretation of Ginuwine’s “Stingy.” Can’t stop listening. I’ve skimmed the Kendrick album. I’ll give it the attention it deserves when my obsession with AfterHours dies down.

Remind me that I’m working on book #2 and thus…need to work on book #2.

I’m slowly losing my stomach for Twitter. Anyone know some interesting/funny personal bloggers who are human beings and not brands? Leave your recommendations in the comments, s’il vous plâit.

Also. Feel free to say hi in the comments. I don’t bite. Promise.

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