As the World Burns

Photo by Michael Barth on Unsplash

The world is burning.

That’s not an exaggeration. Institutions which once provided us (at least a degree) of security, comfort, and/or enjoyment tumble around us. The United States government, healthcare, media, sports, social media. Mother Nature cracks the ground, floods cities, and burns down structures. Shooters, bombers, van drivers (van drivers? Yes, van drivers), and police–let’s not forget the police-murder and terrorize citizens with impunity. People are without clean water. People are hooked on drugs.

When you watch historical documentaries, this is how a falling empire looks. As a (somewhat) active citizen, I’m protective of democracy and the comforts I’ve reaped from it. As a student of history, I wonder if we’ve let the rot fester too long and are helpless to stop the coming implosion. If perhaps American society as designed–capitalist, consumptive–could only last so long without bursting at the seams. I wonder what is next? If something better lies beyond the horizon of our pending doom? I wonder if I’ll live to see it.

Mostly, I wonder how to manage in the meantime. How do I watch it all unravel without losing my shit? Do I tune it out and focus on the small, personal matters I can control? Do I throw my hat into the fight for the world as I know it? Do I join the chorus of screamers from the sidelines? What good does any of it do?

I’ve no answers. But the world is burning.

And I can’t *just* be angry anymore.

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