The Last Unicorn

A.K.A. How My Novel Turned Into A Series on Medium

So I was all set to write my second book. It would be a romance novel through my snarky, cynical, “I hate romance” lens that explored black 30somethings in the age of social media P.D.A. I created my characters: Lexi–a confirmed bachelorette with a smart mouth–and DJ–a pretty boy military brat with a distaste for living by anyone else’s rules or timeline.

I’d write some, share with friends. Write some more, share with friends. Never mind that since March, I only produced one and three-fourths chapters. The more Lexi and DJ came to life, the more I wanted to share their progress with readers.

I realized the last long-form writing I’d finished was a Sons of Anarchy fanfic where I did just that–shared chapters as I wrote them. I liked the immediate reader feedback and the validation of knowing people like what I’m creating as I’m creating it.

I decided, on a whim, to put Chapter One on Medium. I look forward to sharing Lexi and DJ’s journey with you all. As well as exploring some of my biases and blind spots while writing their story.

Check it out. Comment. Applaud. Share. All that good stuff.




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