5 Things I’ve Noticed Since Stepping Away from Twitter

I don’t know if I told you, but I tweet less. Like, markedly less.

It’d be cool if not tweeting translated to reading more books or writing more.


I’ve moved my mindless scrolling to Pinterest and Instagram. I get more out of my minimalist wardrobe and follow some pretty enthralling terrible Game of Thrones fanfic memes, but no major glow ups as a result of tweeting less thus far. If my skin magically clears or my ass gets bigger, I will keep you all abreast.

That said, I have noticed small changes since leaving all the little birdies on Jay Bird Street.

1.”Trash” is a shitty descriptor, guys. I’ve not only banned it from my discourse, but will immediately tune you out when you use it around me. Find better adjectives, please.

2. I just…like things without defending or explaining them. My many jamming-ass, guilt-free listens to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside[1] this season have been liberating.

3. My feelings are fairly inconsequential. I’m okay with that.

4. No one, and I mean no one, gives a shit that I’m single, why I’m single, or how long I’ve been single.

5. There are whole swaths of people enjoying their lives; not fixated on radically transforming themselves. Just…living.

I’m sure as I get deeper in my Twitter Exodus[2], new observations will pop up. I’ll share them here. Or maybe not. Like my feelings, they’re inconsequential.

[1] The Fantasia featuring Cee-Lo version is particularly jammy.
[2] I’m being facetious. 

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