You Hungry? My Trip to Montreal

Here’s what you should know about Montreal, Quebec:

They want to make sure you’re well-fed.

For every block in the Mont Royal neighborhood where my friend Keila and I stayed, there are at least seven restaurants. Two pizza places, two sushi spots, Lebanese food, a place that serves poutine, and a coffee shop.

What you should also know is Montreal is a great city to wander, eat, and drink. Which is just what my travel itineraries consist of.

As a black woman from the American midwest, I didn’t feel out of place anywhere. The nods to old European architecture and the fact that everyone also spoke French reminded me that I was out of the country, without overwhelming anxieties about being too far from home. This was my first trip outside the United States since I went to Jamaica in 2007 and served as a warm-up for even broader travel one day.

Also, it’s quite photogenic. Here are some of my favorite shots:


To see more from this trip, check out my Flickr album: Montreal 2018.

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