Margaery in the Sept

There’s a scene in Game of Thrones, season 6, episode ten, where the high lords of King’s Landing are awaiting the trial of Cersei Lannister. They’ve got her dead to rights on a bunch of charges: incest, regicide, and treason to name a few. But as the crowd gathers in the Sept, Queen Margaery (Cersei’s daughter-in-law and arch nemesis) notices something is off. Cersei’s not at her own trial. Concerned, Margaery alerts the people around her, including the High Sparrow (imagine a barefoot hippie pope meets a prosecutor). The High Sparrow, whose faith in his gods’ justice is stronger than his common sense, doesn’t worry. “If she doesn’t show up, she will face the consequences.” But that’s Margaery’s point. Cersei’s not in the Sept. Oddly, the king (Cersei’s son) is not in the Sept. Margaery realizes that Cersei doesn’t intend to face any consequences. Everybody attending the trial is in danger. “We have to get out of here,” she says, elbowing her way through the crowd.

Margaery is right. But Margaery is too late. Cersei Lannister eliminates her enemies and any chance at holding her accountable by blowing up the Sept.

Courtesy of HBO

In doing so, she destroys a historical monument in the city and murders everyone in a five block radius of the building. Because if it comes down to Cersei answering for her actions versus people’s lives and government institutions…

Watching the news these days, I often feel like Margaery in the Sept.

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