Scenes from the Weekend: Waterloo Arts District

This weekend’s outing: a walk through the Waterloo Arts District. One of those hipster artsy areas in the middle of an urban neighborhood: specifically the Collinwood area. Where I attended high school. Having grown up ripping and running these streets, it’s odd to see them as “hip,” but the neighborhood has long been on my exploration bucket list.

I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot of socializing, but I did walk up and down the streets taking photos like a weirdo. The area is heavy on murals, which is perfect for wandering around outside.

Other shots from the walk…

When I got back to my side of town, I took a good 20 minute walk to the park to take in some sun and catch up on episodes of Radio Westeros. Pretty lush for a suburban Ohio park.

Quality time outdoors? Check. Getting off my ass and walking around? Check. Good photos? Check. All in all, a well-spent Saturday.

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