Scenes from the Weekend: Polka Dots & Line Dances

My weekend kicked off Friday afternoon with a preview of the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I’m typically not a fan of avant garde art, but the space yielded great Instagram photos was fascinating. Her repeated attempts at creating infinity were simultaneously captivating and haunting. Also, I wore a polka dot dress not knowing Kusama frequently used dots in her work.

Saturday, I drove across Route 2 to spend some time at Lakewood Park. I used to live on the Cleveland-Lakewood border, so heading back to that side of town always fills me with nostalgia. I miss being city-adjacent, paying $445 rent for 800 square feet, and the view of Lake Erie from the west side of the city. Sure, I’ve learned to love the east side lakefront. Still I miss the west side and would totally move back if it wouldn’t make for a torturous weekday commute.

I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon helping a friend celebrate the one-year anniversary of quitting her day job and starting a credit counseling business. The occasion called for a “porch kick it.” Do you know how long it’s been since I posted up on a porch, ate Airheads, played loud music, and talked shit? To top it off, we started line dancing in my friend’s driveway, which led her neighbors to join in the festivities and bless us with a six pack of adult beverages. No pics from the occasion (I was too busy having fun), but I finally learned the “Can’t Get Enough” line dance. I’m ready to tear it up at every Cleveland cookout and wedding reception for the rest of the summer.

Here’s hoping for a decent week–a week during which I will not discuss being single because I’m still rolling my eyes from last week’s conversations.


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