Cards Don’t Lie | #MicroblogMonday

Yesterday, I fell down the WordPress Discover page rabbit hole.

Lo and behold, I located the bar where the personal bloggers hang out. Quiet reflections, everyday anecdotes, lively (KIND) comment communities, topics outside the Twitter Content Wheel of Misfortune. 

Inspired, I did some house cleaning around here. Tweaked my “About The Blog” page. Prepped posts for #MicroblogMonday and #WordlessWednesay*. Added new folks to my WordPress Reader and left tentative “Hi, I’m new here” comments on their posts. 

Felt like Blogspot in 2007. 

Later, I checked my Card of the Day on the Galaxy Tarot App. 

Cards don’t lie, fam.


[*] “Whaaaaa? Advance-prepared posts?!” Yes. I’m a brand new bitch. 

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