Follow the Sun: An Astrology Series

New series alert! 

Okay. So. I’m into astrology. A lot. Writing about it makes me uncomfortable. I’m either not knowledgeable enough or talking over the average reader’s heads. 

Crippling self-doubt out of the way. Let’s get into what I’m doing here.

This solar year, I’m taking a simple approach to integrating astrology into my day-to-day life: follow the sun’s movement through my natal chart.

We are all born with a natal chart. That chart contains twelve houses; each governs a different aspect of life. If you use whole sign house natal charts–I do–each sign of the zodiac rules a house in your chart. Meaning no matter how much we dislike a particular sign, it represents an important part of how we interact with our selves and/or the world around us. Need a visual? Here you go.

If every sign governs the activity of a house in the natal chart, planets moving through the zodiac emphasize the houses they move through. Mercury’s sliding through your Seventh House? Interpersonal relationships will be at the top of your mind. The Moon’s in your Tenth House? Your emotions might be on display for the whole wide world. Saturn in your Third House? Might want to be impeccable with your word.

That’s the planets movement through the houses. Why am I focusing on the Sun?

Leo is my Rising Sign. More than your “mask” or “image,” the rising sign (or ascendant) sets the course for how you journey through life. The planet ruling your rising sign (also known as the Chart Ruler) provides basic instructions for the journey. Leo is ruled by the Sun, making my life path one of vitality and authentic self-expression. Tracking the Sun’s movement through my chart feels like a good way to stay centered.

I started the experiment during Scorpio season. After a terrible 35th birthday, I needed to crawl inside a cave and regenerate. Luckily, Scorpio rules my Fourth House of Home and Family. I stayed my ass in the house to lick my wounds in private and reflect on what I wanted to do differently.

When the Sun entered Sagittarius and my Fifth House of Creativity and Recreation, I wasn’t *quite* rejuvenated, but I committed to one act of putting myself out there: blogging. That’s when I buckled down and seriously re-engaged with the personal blogging community.

After experimenting privately for a couple of months, I’m ready to take it public; recapping each season at the end of the Sun’s transit.

Ready. Set. Go.


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