Return of the Light

I’m in a good holiday mood. 

Not quite “Deck the Halls.” More like “Merry Christmas, Baby.” 

This entire album, really.

My shopping is just about done. I have to work tomorrow. Then, I have the next three days to play jazzy Christmas songs and check out some of the more prominent light displays around the city. Sip a little red wine. Real chill. 

As the reverie of Sagittarius season gives way to the serious business of Capricorn season this feels appropriate. Speaking of Capricorn, today is the Winter Solstice–the shortest day of the year after which we gain an extra minute of daylight each day. Considering how we celebrate our December holidays in the west–menorahs, advent candles, twinkling lights everywhere you turn–I like to think we’re all celebrating light returning to the world. 

My secular, agnostic heart warms at the thought. 

While we’re discussing returning to the light, the clarion call to return to personal blogging is getting louder. Read the following from Jason Koebler at Motherboard about why folks should replace Facebook with personal blogs. So ya know. Former personal blogger friends who may or may not be reading this…you can always come on home. For the holidays.


Featured Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash


  1. G

    I feel like we’ve discussed this on and off over the course of 2018 re: personal blogging making a comeback. Now that I’m finished with school, I feel like I can’t wait to sit down and pound on the keys like I used to do in the halcyon days of spilling my entire life to the void of the internet. Personal blogging is home and as is the cliche, there’s no place like it.

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