It Has to Matter

“This whole enfeebling, dangerous idea is to wear down engaged citizens.”

Two nights ago, Ari Melber did a segment where he debunked “nothing matters in the age of He Who Shall Not Be Named* (HWSNBN).” 

Every day, we’re confronted with a flurry of norm-shattering, law-breaking behaviors in our government, but it doesn’t feel like anyone is held accountable. We see the same corrupt, feckless politicians wearing their best “this is still a democracy” faces when it…increasingly isn’t. 

Some days, I want to scream from the rooftops. Other days, I look at the cycle of history and wonder how we expected a system designed in 1776 to work forever? Governments across the world have evolved (and devolved) several times over. Was I a naive, arrogant American believing it “couldn’t happen here”? Why not? It’s happened everywhere else. And that voice–the one who believes I should’ve known better–is the voice telling me to calm down. That none of this is the end of the world. As Black Widow stated in the first Avengers movie: “Regimes fall every day. I don’t weep for them.” 

Watching Ari’s segment was a refreshing reminder: it has to matter. 

Considering how much political analysis I consume, this part stuck out: 

“Some of this talk in our media/political culture actually combines two of the most corrosive parts of our discourse: one, echoing politics as just a savage game–not a democracy with rules–and two, focusing on media predictions about the future instead of fixating on the facts about the President. And some of the same people predicting [HWSNBN] will get away with things because ‘nothing matters’  are–yeah–some of the same people who got their election predictions wrong.” 

Digesting too much of this thinking leads to that second voice. The “relax and disengage because there’s nothing you can do” voice. That voice can’t win because Ari’s right: “facts matter when we make them matter.” 

So, yes. It matters to me that our country has been hijacked by a corrupt man baby and his gang of grifters. I want them out of the office. And prosecuted. I want Congress to resume its presidential oversight responsibilities. I want voters enfranchised and citizens engaged so our government reflects the will of the people; not a narrowing minority clinging to dated ideas of what it means to be American. 

Even at the risk of losing it all–ESPECIALLY at the risk of losing it all–it has to matter. 


[*] I’m not saying that motherfucker’s name. He won’t get a shred of SEO from this blog.

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