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Day One: Favorite athlete to wear #1

I’m a Miami Heat fan. A pre-L*br*n J*m*s Heat fan who didn’t care much for the Heatles era. I appreciate the championships, of course, but I preferred the 2006 Heat team. That beautiful band of misfit toys that took the Detroit Pistons to seven games in the 2005 Eastern Conference Finals and came back from 2-0 to defeat the Dallas Mavericks in 2006. That team had grit. Shaq in his “let me show you what I can do without Kobe” era. Dwyane Wade at the height of his super powers. Alonzo Mourning, post 17-letter-kidney disease. 

The Heatles were too Hollywood. Too favored. Too much of a L*br*n spectacle. 

But Chris Bosh? I liked. Maybe because in that dreadful Game 6 of the 2011 Finals, he was the only one who left it all on the floor. Instead of–you know–being afraid of JJ Barea. Maybe because–through no fault of his own–Bosh was treated like the misfit toy of that Heatles Big 3.

He deserved more than four years of homophobic Twitter memes. More than the heart disease that ended his career too early. I frequently wonder what Pat Riley could’ve built around Wade and Bosh in 2010. If the team would’ve been better off long-term without the L*br*n circus. 

One time for Big Shot Bosh

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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