Dynamic Musical Duo | #31DayCultureChallenge

Day Two: My favorite musical duo. 

Let me tell you: my Inner Music Snob is screaming as I type these words. I don’t care. I’m writing them anyway. 

No musical duo brings me more joy, more deep satisfaction, more cheek-bursting nostalgic smiles…

…than Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and Mason “Ma$e” Betha. 

Bad Boy’s pinnacle coincides with my introduction to hip-hop culture. Not just the music and performances, but the stories behind them. The Right On! posters and the in-depth The Source and Vibe Magazine articles. Puffy and Ma$e were the first rappers I danced to AND nerded out on. As a gangly 14-year-old goody-two-shoes-teacher’s-pet, knowing Puffy and Ma$e lyrics like my ABCs was the first time I felt cool. 

So yes. Inner Music Snob wants to present a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (they DID birth my Janet Jackson fandom and gave us “Can You Stand the Rain“). Rappity Rap Lover wants to say Outkast. Grumpy These-Kids-Are-Too-Soft Old Head wants to say UGK or 8Ball and MJG. Hand-Dancing Auntie flirts with saying Hall and Oates.

But nah. Do that Puff Daddy shit, son!

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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