The Comedic Hero We Need | #31DayCultureChallenge

Day Three: Which comedian (dead/alive) does 2019 need most?

I enjoyed the “no fucks given” eras of comedy. Richard Pryor. Eddie Murphy. Robin Harris. Chris Rock. Bernie Mac. Dave Chappelle. On any given day, I can revisit their shows and have few qualms with the content.

That said, I don’t long for “the good old days when people weren’t so sensitive.”

Culture evolves. As much as I love my old school “problematic faves,” they were artists for their respective times. The current moment doesn’t need any more “I don’t give a fuck; I’m just gonna say it.” 

Thankfully, 2019 has the comedian it needs doing a show on Netflix.

That comedian is Hasan Minhaj. 

With his unique perspective on the American experience–as a 30something, second-generation Indian-American Muslim–Hasan threads the needle with witty, incisive, and compassionate cultural/political critique that finds humor in our troubled times while communicating their severity. Emphasis on compassionate. We need people who give a fuck.

And you know. He’s tall and fine and charming as fuck and hangs a suit like a lanky god.* If that’s your jam.

[*] The man utilizes every one of his Libra sun’s superpowers. I see you, brethren.

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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