The Sneaker* | #31DayCultureChallenge

Day Five: You can only take one pair of sneakers into 2019…

[*] I’ll go along with using “sneaker” for purposes of this challenge. But I am Midwestern. Repeated use of “sneaker” feels as unnatural as calling pop “soda.”

Confession: I like dudes who like kicks more than I like kicks.

When it comes to my footwear, I’m too minimalist and frugal to have a sneaker habit. I own three pair: black Air Max 90s that serve as my workout shoes; black Huaraches that I wore to a Sneakerball last year; and the pair I can’t live without.

I received this pair of Adidas Court Pro Js from a fashionable friend when I asked to borrow a pair of fly kicks. “These are you,” she said. “Classic colors–old school hip-hop feel.” She was right.

Later when I struggled to give them back, she said “Girl, I have plenty of shoes. Keep them.”

I rock them with t-shirts and jeans. I rock them with blazers. With button ups. To sporting events. To brunch. On Halloween that year I went to work as Ice Cube. 

Wouldn’t do 2019 without ’em. 

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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