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Day Six: Your favorite Canadian athlete

I could try to convince you I give a fuck about one of the Canadian athletes I googled a few days ago in anticipation of this prompt. Or I could tell you the truth: my favorite Canadian athlete is one Deborah Cox.

If you’ve heard her vocal athletics on the 1998 hits “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here” and “We Can’t be Friends,” you’re nodding your head, curious about where I’m going with this. Especially if you consider the latter track. On her epic duet with RL of Next, Deborah plays good teammate as the two trade verses about being exes who aren’t quite over each other. But. By the final fourth of the song, Deborah runs RL completely off the court. And you wonder why he ever got on a track with her to begin with.

Dominating a fourth quarter against RL is one thing. Let’s discuss Deborah’s other stunning fourth quarter dagger.

The year was 2000. After releasing My Love is Your Love, Whitney Houston put out her greatest hits album. The collection featured a track called “Same Script, Different Cast,” a duet with her 30-year-old label mate Deborah Cox who was fresh off the success of her sophomore album One Wish. On “Same Script, Different Cast,” Whitney plays a wise ex-girlfriend, warning her ex’s new lady (as portrayed by Cox) against putting too much faith in her new boo. Think “The Boy is Mine: The Auntie Version.”

The two exchange barbs and runs throughout, each keeping pace with the other. Until…

the 4:02 minute mark.

“I’m the future, you’re his paaaaaaaaaaaaast…”

Deborah Cox hit that crisp, soaring run and styled on Whitney fucking Houston; forcing us to reckon with her vocal mortality.

Years later, when Lifetime filmed a Whitney Houston biopic and didn’t have permission to use Whitney’s vocals, they would tap Cox to re-record some of Whitney’s biggest hits, including “I Have Nothing” and “I Will Always Love You.”

Your favorite Canadian point guard could never.


P.S. For a double dose of Canadian Vocal Affuhletics, get into this live performance of “Same Script, Different Cast” with Deborah Cox and Tamia.

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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