Icy GRL | #31DayCultureChallenge

Day Eleven: One rapper you like but can’t explain why. 

I can explain why I like 25 year-old Bay Area rapper Saweetie: she reminds me of Amil.

What’s harder to explain is why I liked Amil

Me. Ms. Your Favorite Rappers Can’t Rap-All Rappity Rap Everything-BARRRRRZ. I’m forced to admit I occasionally partake in prissy girl shit-talking. This was especially the case in ’99, when the baby-voiced Amil emerged beside Jay-Z with her brand of prissy girl rap. I bought–and religiously listened to–All Money is Legal. Album cuts that I still spit word-for-word because cute as a button/can’t tell this bitch nothin‘” has been my mood for the last 19 years.

What can I say? I like to feel fly. I like to pop my NYX-glossed lips and switch my hips in a tight black dress like “Iz you mad cuz I’m on your ni**a’s wish list?”

When that mood hits, “I’m a pretty bitch and I got you in yo’ feelings” = BARRRRRRZ.

So, yes. I like Saweetie. I don’t need her to be a dense lyricist. I need her to keep being absolutely adorable and talking cash shit about how cute and paid she is. Like Amil did. But with star power and a work ethic.

AND her latest video, “Pissed,” is based on Game of Thrones. Extra 1,000 fan points. 

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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