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Day Twelve: Choose One: A Different World, Fresh Prince, or Martin

Let’s start here: not Martin.

Martin did not age well for adult me. He’s basically the prototype for Twitter dudes who get by convincing the world that asshole jokes = a personality. Ew.

The Fresh Prince was cool. At least its “I’mma wear dope sneakers and get these jokes off” protagonist was handsome and charming. And I lived and die on the Uncle Phil > Cliff Huxtable hill before we found about the roofies.

But the answer is A Different World. 

A Different World was sharp, witty, insightful, and bold; tackling big issues like domestic violence, sexual assault, HIV awareness, and racism. Its characters actually developed and became better human beings over time.

The show gave us classic moments. “Jaleesa is Sheila,” the Gilbert Hall Step Show2Pac’s guest appearance, the L.A. Riots episode…

…and the most epic wedding scene of all time.

That other proposal/wedding could NEVER

There’s really no contest. A Different World had real, heartfelt characters and told meaningful stories. Made us think and laugh at the same time. Recruited a generation of students to HBCUs (says the Wilberforce University alumna).

I’ll give it to The Fresh Prince: most iconic show intro of the three. But this one still warms my heart.

Challenge courtesy of @edthesportsfan

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