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Welcome to the first installment of my monthly astrology series, Follow the Sun. I’m tracking the Sun’s transit through my natal chart, focusing on key themes every astrological season. Click here to get caught up. We’re kicking things off with Capricorn season.

About Capricorn…

I have a love/hate relationship with Capricorn energy. As a sensitive Scorpio Moon child, I grew up in a Capricorn home where results > feelings. As a young woman, my self-esteem was decimated after a fling-gone-wrong with a Capricorn. 

As an adult woman who finds a touch of aloofness and practicality attractive…I can’t *hate* Capricorn like I used to. The world needs its pragmatic, stern, results-obsessed doers…

… I just have no desire to be one. Like I said before: I’m a gardener; not a climber.

Adding to my apprehension, the season emphasizes my Sixth House of Work, Service, Health, and Diet. Sounds like fun, right? Right? Wrong. 

But a promise to myself was a promise. When the Sun moved into Capricorn, I got serious. 

First up? Health. I started a new fitness routine the week of Christmas. I aimed for an hour of physical activity at least four days a week. Five thousand steps, a simple 30-minute treadmill walk, and at least 10 minutes of yoga a day. My goal? To feel good in my body.

After a Sagittarius season/Fifth House spending/party spree, I spent New Year’s Eve alone. Took a long shower, deep conditioned my hair, exfoliated all over, and brought in the New Year in fancy pajamas with a glass of whiskey and a decadent chocolate brownie. To my surprise, it was perfect.

I took an honest look at my finances and realized I was bleeding money on dining out; every day for lunch, ordering in too frequently for dinner, never turning down an invitation for drinks and merriment. I chilled out. Made myself bring lunch to work 2-3 times a week. Removed the Diner Dash app from my phone. 

I considered my relationship to discipline. I’m known for saying “I do what I want.” But one morning in the shower I thought I want to prove that I can be disciplined. Like with big dicks. Sometimes you ride one to prove you can take it.

Heh. That was new.

The doubtful voice spoke up. But that’s not who you are…

A girl who can’t take the D? You’re damn straight I’m not.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is how I made peace with Capricorn Season in my Sixth House: re-framing discipline as Big Daddy D.

I’ll see you all at the end of Aquarius Season.

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