The Thing About Primaries…

Here’s what I’m not doing during the Democratic Presidential Primaries: arguing online about candidates. 

I say this as I watch people load up and launch hot takes back and forth; seemingly with their minds made up about who these candidates are and what they stand for. Nothing about the conversations happening online feel particularly informative or productive. Not to mention that whole “foreign actors inserting themselves in U.S. political debates to undermine democracy” thing that happens online now. 

So. I’ve decided I’m just…not. Not engaging in everyone’s race to prove they were right the whole time.

Instead, I’m listening. Because that’s what primaries are about. 

Have questions. Hold leaders accountable for their records. That’s part of a healthy, engaged democracy. But also: hear them out

That’s the point. To meet and learn the candidates. To assess their respective records, visions, policies, and competencies. And choose the candidate who a) aligns most with your core values and b) you trust to hear you out on points of disagreement. 

Not to disqualify and rip them to shreds before they start speaking. 

Are there candidates I’m skeptical of? Sure. Candidates I’m curious about? Yes. Candidates that excite me? Absolutely. 

Is my mind made up either way? No. It’s fucking January 2019.

So that’s that. No goin’ back and forth with y’all. Not on Twitter. Not on Instagram. AND ESPECIALLY NOT ON THIS BLOG.

I wish us all good fortune in the wars to come.


  1. As an expat who can’t participate in this here democracy but is acutely aware of the impending mess that is the primary, I do not envy you. Hopefully whoever emerges victorious will have the full backing of the party and people. May the best woman or man win.

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