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Remember a couple years ago, I started a music section on this blog with the best intentions? And kinda fell off the whole project? 

New Year, New Blog. So I’m bringing back the monthly round-ups. These will remind me to occasionally turn off my news and A Song of Ice and Fire podcasts and listen to music every now and then.

Here’s what I jammed to this month.


Oxnard x Anderson.Paak 
This album is not Malibu. That fact was hard to digest when it first released. I let it breathe for awhile and revisited in January. It’s not bad at all. Its opening suite of tracks does it no favors, but it’s smooth sailing after the seventh track (“Smile/Petty”). Favorite songs: “Who R U?”, “Anywhere” (featuring Snoop Dogg and The Last Artful Dodgr), and “Sweet Chick” (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid).

Solipism x Joep Beving 
While looking for mellow mood music at the crib, I stumbled on a Peaceful Piano playlist on Spotify. A few skips and likes later, I landed on “The Light She Brings” by Joep Beving. Curiosity piqued, I checked out his album. Two thumbs up for chill background music when I need a break from mainlining political and literary analysis.


“Juice” x Lizzo
This song is just flat-out fun.

“Middle Child” x J. Cole 
I frowned on first listen because I don’t come to J. Cole for trap-style sing-song flows. But it’s growing on me. Slowly. 

“I’m Alright” x Brasstracks (featuring R.LUM.R)
I found this group last year via their brass tribute to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, MAAD City. If you love horns like I love horns, I recommend. 

Pour Me” x Elle Varner (featuring Wale) 
Basically, “Refill” 2019. But I like it better than anything she’s released since 2012. 

“Big Poppa Freestyle” x Megan Thee Stallion 
Megan is my favorite female rapper out right now. (Because there’s actually a field to choose from these days–AMAZING). After loving her Tina Snow project last year, I’m in love with this bitch. She’s like if Trina and Pimp C had a baby. Looking forward to whatever she has on deck for 2019. 

Despite my lack of music updates, I’m still updating my yearly “Best of” playlists on Spotify. Click below to check out 2018 and 2019 so far. 

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