Shhh…You Hear That? | #MicroblogMonday

…It’s the sound of a woman who restricted her social media usage last week.

My Twitter and Instagram breaks are always fantastic. When I log on to check messages/mentions so people don’t think I died, I scurry away wondering how social became addictive in the first place.

Inner dialogue is generally garbage. Mine is full of harsh judgments and rationalizations. Since the advent of social media, my chosen escape from my inner dialogue is…exposing myself to everyone else’s?

Doesn’t make much sense.

[I kicked my selfie habit, too. At least until swimsuit season.]

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  1. G

    I haven’t tweeted in almost a month. I, too, only log on to make sure I haven’t missed any important messages. I’ve been surrounded by my own silence for the better part of three weeks instead of the noisiness of Twitter to keep me occupied. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    Devoured books.

    Started writing on my blog again.

    Increased my gym attendance.

    And, most importantly, been a lot less irritable in my daily life.

    Sometimes I get antsy since I’m always used to having my phone in my hand by proxy, always having something to kill the boredom. Sitting with the boredom has channeled that energy into things one could say are more constructive. I do think there’s still a place for some social media in my daily life, but I can’t help but notice the increase of where that attention goes when I’m not on it.

    • After clearing the gunk from my brain, it becomes a question of time. What am I doing with mine? How do I want to spend it? When I’m mindful of what I’m doing, I find better stuff to do: read, geek out on material I’m interested in, have one-on-one convos with my friends via text, etc.

      And yeah; I’m way less irritable.

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