February Round-Up | #skinnyblackjams

I try to do these on the last day of the month. But–ya know–life happens. Old, less-committed-to-blogging me would have skipped February. New, all-in-on-SBG me said better late than never. Here are last month’s #skinnyblackjams.


Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in the Emerald City x Ghostface Killah
A couple weeks ago, I realized that 2009–one of the last great music years in recent memory–was 10 years ago. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of a fantastic year in music, I’ll revisit one of my 2009 faves every month (until the year ends or I run out albums–whichever comes first). In keeping with February’s theme of hip-hop love songs, I started with Ghostface Killah’s underrated all-R&B album. When it dropped in September 2009, it quickly became the soundtrack as a wild summer eased into a temperate, gorgeous fall.

Favorite Track: “Paragraphs of Love” featuring Estelle and Vaughn Anthony (little brother to one John Legend). It sounds wild, but hear me out: Ghost sees a glowing pregnant woman in passing and sparks up conversation (including the line “Excuse me. Are you pregnant? Not to be rude. But if it means anything, I could get you some food.”)  Yes, she’s engaged. And quite happy. Sure, he’s passively hitting on her when he ends with “You the most beautifulest queen I ever seen and I would love to have a thing like you on my team. You take care.” BUT IT’S STILL REALLY, SWEET. OKAY? Listen for yourself. 


“Could’ve Been” Remix x H.E.R. featuring Tone Stith 
I didn’t love the original (I’m not big on Bryson Tiller). This updated version with Stith–who opened for H.E.R. on tour last fall–is much better. 

“Say So” x PJ Morton featuring JoJo
A front-to-back perfect love song. Puts me in the same mood as Daniel Caesar and H.E.R.’s “Best Part.”

“Please Me” x Cardi B featuring Bruno Mars
I expected to like this song. I did not expect to slide around my seat like a Five Heartbeats concert-goer every time Bruno croons “Pleeeeeease…”

“Follows” x Brasstracks featuring Grace
You know what takes the edge off a “Dammit, I can’t leave this dude alone” song? Horns. Biiiig horns.

The playlist #skinnyblackjams: 2019 has been updated with all the tracks above.

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