Bon Temps | Words This Wednesday

Don’t front. You like that wordplay.

As seen en route to Fat Tuesday tings.
Laissez le bon temps rouler. 

I haven’t shot the shit here in awhile.

Life is quiet, yet active. Quiet because I’ve severely cut back my social media usage. Active because I’m moving in the spring (hallelujah) and spending most of my free time deep-diving into intermediate astrology concepts and techniques.

About the cut-back: it’s not temporary. While I check in occasionally for major pop culture moments (I could’t resist Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony or the release of the Game of Thrones trailer) and to share my blog posts, I cannot justify the time and mental energy I lose mindlessly scrolling my phone. Full stop. I’ve gone back and forth about social media for years, but my friend’s death at the end of January was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I won’t wax poetically about a symbolic ending; I’m sporadically “around.” But I have no interest in constantly sharing and explaining my every thought and action in-the-moment.

As previously stated, I was hype enough to join the communal geek-out about the Game of Thrones season 8 trailer for about 30 minutes yesterday. However, it didn’t take long for my book-reader/A Song of Ice and Fire podcast obsessive snob to cringe at the flurry of horrible theories and tired hot takes. I blame Not a Podcast: A Song of Ice and Fire Re-Read podcast for how many times I thought “Your theory’s bad and you’re ugly,” before I finally logged off.

Enough about what I’m not doing these days. 

You don’t know you need a change of scenery until you step into an empty apartment. Viewing potential pads last Saturday, I was filled with hope, possibility, and pure relief  with every new space. It would be ideal to recreate the massive, inexpensive one-bedroom I occupied between 2011 and 2014, but I’ll settle for a cute little studio that doesn’t break the bank. Come hell or high water, I will step foot into a new place of my own on Saturday, June 1. 

You know what else feels good? Astrology discussions that don’t consist of “[X] sign is trash.” I’ve been bored with my level of astrological knowledge for awhile and decided to look at traditional techniques like whole sign houses and traditional planetary rulership schemes. From there, I fell down a beautiful, complex rabbit hole of historical texts, philosophy, and decades-long academic debates. It’s like discovering a magical library where every book is about your favorite subject. I’ve spent the last few weekends playing with astrology software and practicing concepts like sect, essential dignities, and time lords. You don’t have to know what any of that means–just know it’s intellectually challenging and flat the fuck out fun as hell.

Finally, I’m giving up booze for Lent. Yes, me. Making sure I have my vices in check is always a good idea–especially when I’m moving in a few months and need to save a few dollars. I commemorated my last sip with bourbon, jambalaya, beignets, and live music from the Revolution Brass Band last night. All in all, it was a good Fat Tuesday.


Bon temps, indeed. 

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