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Here’s how I plan to spend the weekend (other than apartment hunting and geeking out on astrology): lusting over Charlie Hunnam in Netflix’s Triple Frontier. 

For the uninitiated, Charles Matthew Hunnam is the love of my life and franchise star of my spank bank. Since his turn as Jackson Teller on the FX hit, Sons of Anarchy, he has owned my heart with every chiseled ab, cocky grin, and “I’m about to fuck somebody up” scowl.

You think I’m kiddin’? Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4WRbqr0Kdg

There was nothing not to love about him (Okay–so the cheating parts weren’t great. Neither was watching his wife catch a case for doing some illegal shit on his behalf. But you volunteer for some of that shit when you marry a hot outlaw, you know?). Jax’s love languages to his lady included murdering a fed for stalking her and boning down with her next to the dead body (which they casually mention in a flirty scene before their wedding a few seasons later), sex in the bathroom of a p*rn studio to send a message that he’s taken to some thirsty actresses, and offering her a porterhouse (aka his dick) when she’s craving steak.

And like. If you’ve seen him in sweatpants, that porterhouse thing looks true.

I even loved him as the lead in the critically-panned King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Reviews be damned, I will always show up for a shirtless, arrogant, violent Charlie Hunnam. (Guy Ritchie should say “Fuck em all” and give me a sequel. Someone talk to him about that.) 

Based on the Triple Frontier preview, shirtless and violent are definite possibilities. 2/3 ain’t bad.


UPDATE: This doesn’t come out until NEXT Friday. Color me salty.

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