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In the years I’ve spent as an astrology hobbyist, I’ve dedicated a great deal of study to the planet Venus. I’ve talked about this here before (I can’t remember which posts right now), but my Venus placement fascinates me. It rules my Libra Sun and my Taurus Midheaven (the point on the chart that tells us who we want to be when we grow up), and aspects (i.e. has conversations with) several other planets in my natal chart.

So Venus is pretty prominent in my chart. Unfortunately, my busy Venus resides in a sign that doesn’t suit her: Virgo.

Over the years, I’ve read all the reasons my love life will be challenging; complete with recommendations on how to let romance in. Be less critical. Tone down the logic and let intuition lead your affairs. Don’t be so damned picky.

This weekend, while reading Venus in Virgo descriptions on The Astro-Codex: An Encyclopedia of Astrology, I found the following:

“When it comes to affairs, Venus in Virgo can be rather problematic. The usual status in which such individuals function better, is being single. Indeed, many times a Virgo Venus will be a loner, perfectly satisfied being one and not having strong needs to feel being in a relationship.”

[…Copyright (©) https://theastrocodex.com – Read more at https://theastrocodex.com/natal-venus-in-virgo/]

Do you know how refreshing that is? To–for once–read an astrological description that just says the thing I’ve known to be true about myself for years instead of giving me “fix it” remedies? Especially these days when it’s easy to blame lack of romantic involvement for my current state of malaise?

I don’t have an ending for this post. I guess I just needed a little reassurance from the stars that I don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This life of mine obviously needs something it’s not getting, but I don’t need to get stuck thinking it’s a dude.

Cuz c’mon. There’s more to life than that.

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