Skinny Bits | 3.22.19

I should lose the capacity to be surprised, but. The President of the United States is beefing with a man who’s been dead for seven months and I just… I understand grace as a concept. As I’m more inclined to be a better human, I’m working on extending it more. But whoo chile. The people who chose that man in November 2016 make it so hard.

Good news: I think I’ve found my next home. Putting in the application today. Good vibes and prayers are much appreciated if that’s your jam. Especially since my current residence is going to hell and I desperately need to be in my own space by May 1st. And the potential new place has hardwood floors and excellent natural light. I’m so ready to live in the quirky sitcom protagonist pad of my dreams.

Spring has sprung in Northeast Ohio. Which means it’s snowing. Because if Northeast Ohio does nothing else, we stay on brand.

No Liquor Lent is going swimmingly. I’ve had dinner at bars and stared down wine glasses and beer taps without blinking.

AND I finished a notebook this morning thanks writing every day for 10 minutes first thing in the morning. Look at me–being all self-disciplined and whatnot. (The blurry page below if full of first thoughts–word to Natalie Goldbgerg.)

I don’t have much else to say. Felt myself slipping into old social media habits and needed to re-center here in my happy place. That’s a theme lately: understanding it’s not the end of the world to slip back into habitual behaviors. Instead of throwing my hands up and wondering “Why bother,” I can just put my hands back on the wheel and steer in the right direction. We never stop correcting course.

And with that, I bid you all a happy Friday.


  1. Aleatha Terrell

    “We never stop correcting course.” You ain’t lying! Loved your post and I hope you’re well. I have to move too, I’m excited about fresh starts but preemptively exhausted when I think about moving all my ish shit.

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